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Who We Are

Sentir Global Corporation is a United States based intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and training organization. Our vision was to create a company to sense threats and fill security gaps before a crisis, or what we call, “left of boom”. This gave formation to Sentir Global, Inc.. We recruited former military and homeland security professionals to join this vision as owners, employees, contractors, and advisors. We partnered with academia, private corporations, non-profit organizations, and NGO's to make our vision a reality. Our partner organizations and global consulting resources offer customized solutions to detect, deter, and defend against local threats. Our state of the art training programs consider management and goals including budget, schedule, technical and tactical considerations, security force training, threat recognition and threat awareness, instructor integration, and curricula effectiveness. In addition, we offer a comprehensive present and emerging threats analysis by providing the optimal balance between modern technology and tactical expertise.

At the heart of Sentir Global’s ethos is a commitment to personal integrity, security, innovation and corporate professionalism found at the highest level of human endeavor.

Available Training

One of the main focuses of our company is to train individuals in body language recognition, particularly in the security arena.

Providing security services to all levels of government and private industry on the following:

  • Customs Officer Training
  • Border Security Training
  • Threat Detection Consultation
  • Crisis Management
  • Human Behavioral Threat Detection
  • Civil Defense and National Security
  • Data Mining & Pattern Recognition
  • Risk Management
  • Cultural Awareness